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Thursday, January 5, 2012

sweethearts, how are your twenty twelves? i miss you.

you know, i've never been one to make resolutions (goal setting, yes). however, i suppose in two thousand nine this blog was born as a promise to write down five things a day i was thankful for. and, well, it worked.

resolution - derived from resolve - implies to convert or transform. i hope that we are always moving in the direction of becoming the best versions of ourselves. january seems to symbolize fresh starts and rebirth, so now is as good a time as any.

may we be approach this year with fluidity.

thus far, i've received some great advice. both from wise yogis, no less.

this one told me to be mindful. i love that word, don't you? let's be aware of it all.

and this one constantly reminds me that you are exactly where you should be and everything that's happened in your life has built and prepared you for this moment. this phenomenon is one of the most grounding in all the world and makes you grateful for the good and the bad because inevitably in that moment you are okay. and happy.

this year, i vow to remember these two pieces of advice. i hope you do too!

{tree me and glitter me}.


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