february 24th

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1. candlelight.
sometimes i think there's nothing more peaceful than falling asleep to my candles, heater, cozy bed, ipod, and a book. i love the reflection of my bamboo plant flickering against the wall. it adds to the peaceful haven i've tried to turn my room into.
2. french braids.
for some reason i can't get my hair just quite right lately...i really can do a fantastic french braid, though. elementary-school-running-on-the-playground-little-girl-style. baby pink t-shirt, jean shorts adorned with flowers and ruffles, socks folded down once, and spankin' white keds, running on the blue tires skinning my knees with a nice.french.braid.
3. totes.
THIS MADE MY DAY! my second tote bag i've ever received in my life from the same person both times:) i heart her. thank you. i will be using this puppy and thinking about love each and every time.

4. memories of the kae lani.
today when i was so upset i stood at the end of the pier, closed my eyes, and pictured myself in another place. i chose maui. i was 8 years old in a flowered sundress standing at the edge of the sidewalk facing the ocean with this 5 star hotel at my back. palm trees, lanai in the distance, sunshine, breeze, the water slide at my back.
it worked. i felt calm.
5. the weepies.
this made me calm today too...at yoga..."you turn me into somebody loved..." during side angle pose. such a special place in my heart.


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