february 7th

Monday, February 9, 2009

1. feeling rich and famous.
door to door limo service at our beck and call. truly amazing.
2. alter egos.
an alter ego (latin, "the other i") is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person. we all have one and i think it's good to let her out every now and then...learn something new about yourself. keep her on her toes.
3. girlfriends.
the dynamic 4. our chemistry just couldn't have worked out any better. our personalities out in full force really bounced off of each other and got us into some great situations.
4. la being so close.
i've never realized how easy it is to make the hour flight down south. no, i'm not a good flier. terribly nervous, acctually. but with distractions and a cocktail it's not so bad.
5. the roosevelt.
what an honor to stay here..."hipster & swanky" are just two words to describe it. i learned a little piece of history as well.
-located just a block west of the chinese theatre, it's one of the most historic sites on the boulevard, and one of its few modern success stories. along with the el capitan theatre, the roosevelt was one of the few remaining treasures along hollywood boulevard that still preserved some of the glamour that was once hollywood.
-the hotel's "blossom room" hosted the first-ever academy awards ceremony, on may 19, 1929.
-shirley temple took her first tap-dancing lesson (from bill "bojangles" robinson) on the hotel's ornate tile stairway.
i am SO lucky.


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