february 25th

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1. random acts of kindness.
today on the way to work a woman was walking her dog in the heavy rain sans umbrella or raincoat or any article of protection. she must have not looked outside before embarking on a dog walking adventure. down battery she ran from corner to corner trying to stay dry under over-hangs, but it was not working in the slightest. out of the blue a man yells: "miss! miss!" she pauses to look who is shouting at her. "here, take my umbrella. i have another one at my office." she replies, "oh no, it's okay i'm just one block up." her hair drenched, clothes soaked. "no, i insist." the kind gentleman hands her the fancy umbrella and she is at ease and continuing on her way. i thought this was so sincere and it makes me want to pay it forward. it's so refreshing to find generous people like that in the world. i hope we can all learn an important lesson on human connection from this stranger.
2. chit-chatting at work.
you know you're established when you can call an old friend and co-worker to chat at the office. this place doesn't offer many positive things, but it does give me some freedom.
3. calls from distant friends.
i got a call from an old friend...just to say he was thinking of me...felt special to make an impact all the way over in england. miss him. he taught me so much upon graduating from college - more than he probably knows - and really fueled my free spirit fire.
4. nextmuni.com
genius...provides that extra element of organization. i like knowing what to expect when it comes to arrival and departure times.
5. kickboxing.
i decided last minute to try a new class. might as well extend my workout and do something different for a change - i haven't been sore in a while. perfect way to get some aggression out.


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