february 21st

Saturday, February 21, 2009

1. the jackson street mansions.
whenever i'm feeling a little lost and in need of fresh air i'll walk down jackson street and dream of my future. husband, kids, range rover, and a beautiful pac heights home.
2. saturday morning exercisers.
the group of asians in the park really must be keeping some kind of secret with their exercise. winding their arms round and round. how could that possibly be beneficial? they must be doing something right, though. getting the blood circulating. and also, another observation - sometimes i feel like i should get a dog just to be able to get outside all the time and walk it.
3. apartments with bridge views.
walked in and had that "wow" feeling...huge windows along the back wall looking out to none other than the beautiful, sailboat-full bay, and the massive red golden gate. i want to live in a house with a view someday.
4. driving just to drive.
today annie's parents took us on quite the city tour - deep into the presidio, sea crest, baker/china beach, and all the way up to the legion of honor. i love to explore and look at nice areas. it makes you see things from different angles - such a pleasant car ride.
5. birthday dinners.
what a perfect excuse to come together - merge friends and groups with the new and the old. i feel like i've said this before, but i'm so thankful for sb connections in sf. this gives me hope that i didn't miss out on too much in college because i can maintain and create relationships from that period of my life right now.


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