february 14th

Monday, February 16, 2009

1. valentine's day.
to be completely honest, i've never really had a true/cliche valentine. for someone so completely obsessed with romance, it's kind of funny, but more sad. valentine's day brings back memories of white nails with red hearts on them - so festive! and the gap v-day pajamas i wanted every year. and singing telegrams in high school and a single red rose with a heart-felt poem. "traditional symbols of valentine's day include hearts, doves, cupid and love notes. significance: lovers express their feelings to each other. observances: sending greeting cards and gifts, dating." while i feel like love should be celebrated every day, i'm glad a holiday for the soul purpose of reflecting on how much you love someone actually exists.
2. best friends reunited.
spending 24/7 together has resorted to spending a weekend together a few times a year. it doesn't come close to comparing, but it makes that small amount of time that much more cherishable.
3. unexpected cards from old high school loves.
thank you for making me smile and for the kind words.
4. naps.
i'm not a napper, never have been. but, on a rare occasion, i cannot get through the day without sleep. sometimes, it's nice to be so tired that sleep comes naturally. much needed today.
5. dinner at kates.
she is such a sweet hostess. sitting around the coffee table, reading "conversation starter" cards, taylor asked the question: "have you ever made a decision that has completely altered the rest of your life?" well, it hit me. i sat there with a room full of girls i would not know had it not been for my decision to attend school in santa barbara. and, it's funny, i'm not sure if i truly thrived there, but i sure did get something wonderful out of it: great girlfriends. had i not decided to go there, who knew if i would have decided to live in sf. life is too short to wonder what life might have been elsewhere. embrace what you've got, it's the only way to be. my life is changed for the good.


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