february 17th

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1. a good cry.
today claustrophobia took over. i needed to get some air. of course i leave in the middle of a down pour (how would i know this when there are no windows?). i walk about 10 feet and duck into a doorway and lose it. it was like the weight of the rain was too much and the water was my tears. so i'm in the nook having a good cry under my umbrella during a down pour. it was almost cathartic which is why i'm thankful for it.
2. phone calls to dad during a breakdown.
he will drop anything he's doing to talk to me. when both of mom's lines didn't pick up, in comes my call to the greatest guy i know. i don't know how he puts up with so many girls, but he does the best job. i am blessed. thank you for caring.
3. random cm emails.
she hasn't forgotten about me! thank gosh. her song recommendations are the best when they're out of the blue. and, i also have to publish what she wrote so i don't forget it: "i am, gina, embracing it happening. my own life here in portland :) such an inspiration you are to me." i am oh-so-thankful to hear that! embrace it, sister.
4. fresh sheets.
i can't wait to hop in bed to the fresh-laundry-smelling-fluffy-ness. oh, it's heaven.
5. what should i be thank for today, ame?
"that you don't have to write papers anymore." while the real world comes with its own burdens and trials and tribulations that make paper-writing look like a cake walk, i guess i don't miss that feeling of absolute writer's block when it comes to essays. would i rather write an essay than sit in a cube all day with work stress? i'm not sure...something to think about. i just think her answer is so cute and simple. it also reminds me of a conversation i had with my dad today and how no one prepares you for the real world. your whole life you are prepared for college and you think getting through that will be your greatest achievement and that the rest will be a piece of cake. nope, not true. college is but a tiny chapter in the book of life. a mere stepping stone.


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