february 13th

Friday, February 13, 2009

1. documentation.
some days i almost want to turn this blog into things i want to remember forever so i can always look back and have a good feeling about the past. today i want to document something mom said so i can remind her of it - the hope and optimism that i feel like this year - 2009 - is bringing to many people i know.
aren't you proud of me!!!??
i made up my mind i was not going to get upset by anything and i didn't
2009 might be my year
**it is your year mom, it's each one of our years. this thought excites me.
2. self-improvement.
two things i want to be better at:
1. sending cards.
2. spontaneity
3. finley quaue - "even after all" & song memories.
sometimes there's songs that just get you - move you. this is one of mine. the best part is it reminds me of a specific time in my life, which makes it even more special. senior year of college, tuesday afternoons, lulu girls leaning against the pant table, reading the horoscopes from the independent while taking turns running out to the farmers market on state street. i miss it, but i'm so thankful that this image floods my memory when finley quaue plays. i am at peace. i miss lulu.
4. picture texts.
this one is just too good not to share. thank you for giving me a laugh after my stressful work today.

5. friday evenings.
i used to get so depressed on friday evenings after work - the pressure i would feel to come up with a plan was just too much. i always just ended up feeling so alone. today was so so different. i felt comforted...like the puzzle pieces of life were just falling right into place. the comfort of friends who i've been through so much with is so nice.


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