february 4th

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1. routine.
wednesdays always remind me of how routine my life can be. i thrive. there's something so comforting about doing the exact same thing for one hour once a week. that "set in stone" feeling makes me happy.
2. balancing energies.
you know that feeling where two people's energy just totally balance each other out? the yin and the yang. i love that. good people find each other.
3. fro yo for dinner.
a perfect refreshing treat - great after a big lunch and an hour long yoga class.
4. immersing myself in san francisco.
another small epiphany as i walked up octavia. this city is so walkable. the ground one can cover is pretty phenomenal. financial district to northbeach to russian hill to the marina to pac heights all in one evening. the more i walk the more immersed and part of this place i feel.
5. one tree hill.
i find this show so creative. not so much the story line, but the way they transfer from scene to scene. i honestly think i've seen every episode of all six seasons. tonight, it gave me so much hope to find love. i want to soon...


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