february 18th

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1. a solid commute.
full of chatting and laughter and getting to work on time. it just felt so good to start the day out right. a smooth, copacetic ride.
2. nice smelling men.
every now and then cologne will take you by surprise. today as i did my normal battery walk something caught my...nose. it was so fresh and perfect - not the polo sport/hugo boss junior high smell...something unique. this random fellow made my walk to work.
3. exciting email chains.
i love that my friends get so excited about upcoming events...book club, tickets, concerts, wine, yoga, vball, birthdays...you name it, there's an email chain about it. love all the fun things to do and great people to do them with. i am l-u-c-k-y.
4. young and free.
as i ran down gough street hurrying home to change for a spontaneous wednesday night activity i just started laughing to myself at how ridiculous i looked. two words popped into my head - young and free. then i started thinking about carrie underwood...doesn't she write a song about this? i'm trying to get better at really being in the moment and becoming conscious of my mood and surroundings. this was a mini epiphany about being so free.
5. creating fedora memory #1.
tonight we went to cafe du nord...this little concert venue in the "almost castro." jay from the city was playing with his band tamarama. i am officially in love with the other lead singer who goes by pottsy. a doll and a half as i described him today. my heart hurt a little bit when i thought about whitney dating jay. i want to date a creative rockstar soul. love live music at a new venue with new people and a slight alter ego emerging due to the hat.


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