february 10th

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1. pj's.
well, i should really say hard tails since that's what i've been sleeping in lately. they're just so darn comfortable. i stayed in them all day today. and, i'm just going to be honest, i didn't brush my teeth. don't judge - you know you've done it too. and, when you don't interact with one person (not even the ups man) i don't think it's so bad. i rolled out of bed at 8:30 and literally worked all day long at home sweet home in the pure silence of the suburbs. it's the perfect way to focus. whoever said working from home is not working is wrong. i've never been so focused. you put in longer hours too. the one downfall is just the single computer screen (nothing to complain about, really). anyhow, i kind of feel sneaky and laugh to myself thinking of how silly working in pj's is. flossing and brushing extra extra long right now...
2. runs to rancho laguna.
today on my run i thought about my blog the entire time. what i would write, the wit i would try to share. it made the run go by a whole lot faster. i think what was really giving me the kick start was the fact that each stride my mind was filled with every email that would populate my inbox in the matter of the 30 min i left my house. the speed came from the thoughts of 24 hour, microsoft office, msn, and itunes. has my life really come to this? motivated by the fear something would happen to my campaign while i was gone. it's silly, i know. thank gosh for that run, though. it was on the verge of raining and i got so happy as i pictured myself being one of those avid runners i've always wanted to be...drenched and sprinting and happy and free. i also was flooded with memories of birthday parties and bbq's and rollerblading and makeouts. all of which occurred in that little park. funny where memories are held.
3. career advice.
exhibit a: "listen to your dad he's been in sales and management his whole life, he knows what he's talking about." mom talks over him. dad speaks calmly after she's done. i love that they care about my well-being and professional life. they're so cute.
4. annie and her sweet little mama.
they really are so cute together. i admire their relationship.
5. artists making it big.
i feel so cool that i've known about erin mccarley from the beginning. literally, heard her song on one tree hill, paused ti-vo, went to get a pen and an index card, and wrote down her lyrics word for word. thank you, google...it brought me to what has seriously been one of my favorite songs of all time - "pony." now, "love, save the empty" is the theme song for the movie "he's just not that into you." you go girl. make it big. in another life i'd be just like you...singer/songwriter. i'm thankful soulful people like you exist for me to look up to. these are my lyrics for now...


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