february 12th

Thursday, February 12, 2009

1. live.love.laugh. reflections.
you know it's going to be a good day when you wake up and live.love.laugh. is shadowed against my bright yellow walls. it means the sun is shining. when i moved into my new room, the statue of those three words placed nicely on the window ceil was the true finishing touch.
2. seeing former president jimmy carter.
today truly took me by surprise...just an ordinary thursday that all started with stace and i opening a door for a nice gentleman while his hands were too full holding a plant. "will one of you get the door for me?" rich became our new best friend. before we knew it he was giving us a tour of "what lies behind the secret door." i always see people wander in and out, curious as to what goes on in there, but not brave enough to actually ask. well, rich let us go down and what do we find...a newsroom/recording studio where they shoot the 11pm nbc news. this all lies literally 10 feet from my plain-jane cube. well, today i felt lucky to sit there. rich informed us that "former president jimmy carter would be arriving today at 1pm." wow! nonetheless, right around 1 there were 3 government cars lined outside the building swarming with secret service agents - suits and ear pieces and all. anyhow, short story long, he strolled in surrounded by about 8 men - walked right passed my desk. he looked me in the eye as i turned around and smiled. i got a hello and a wave. i better brush up on my u.s. history. all i know is that he is a peacemaker and a crucial part of our history. it's funny how i'm just a normal 23 year old working woman and he's changed the world.
3. mom and dad's card.
what a surprise! i had no idea i would get a valentine's day card full of love sentiments. "you will always be first in our hearts!" i cherish these years that when i don't have a valentine of my own, i will always have the unconditional love of my parents. the best part is the return address..."from: the crazy house. home of critical minds and curious thinkers!" true that.
4. meg's card.
what an even bigger surprise! i am beyond grateful for the people that have come into my life this past year. what a year it's been. it reminds me of that line said by carrie bradshaw in the finale episode of sex and the city (i used this in my theta pref night speech and it will forever stick with me). it goes something like this: "today i had a thought. what if i...what if i had never met you?" this line is so real and genuine in the most intense of moments between four friends and i think it so perfectly and simply describes friendship. i know the ones close to my heart when i feel this way about them. each one of us brings something to the table in each one of our own friendships. meg's card warmed my heart - her words are so sincere and complimentary and i want to remember them each and every day. i love you!
5. running into annie on the bus.
so we made a rule to break our unhealthy-spending-at-whole-foods-habit. the only time we're allowed to go now is when we run into each other on the bus. not only does this save money, it makes a bus run-in that much more fun!


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