february 5th

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1. my toe is better.
embarrassing, yes. i mean i was worried there for a minute. it was so excruciatingly painful, but today it got better. thank goodness there was no amputation (yes, i'm overreacting).
2. deep chats.
i love analyzing life. a good deep conversation makes life worth living. dez taught me a new word tonight: "alignment." our definition: that two people are on the same page - morally; their perspective on life is the same or mutual; their attitude or perspective on life is complimentary; cohesive
3. trying a new restaurant.
sf is full of incredible food. yummm nopa.
4. crafty headbands.
when in doubt, spice up your look with an unexpected accessory.
5. inspiring others.
i want to be a teacher someday so i need to work on my influential skills. i think it's what makes the world go round. i can only hope i've inspired a handful of other people to feel blessed and reflect on what they have in their lives to be grateful for.


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