february 1st

Monday, February 2, 2009

1. sundays.
i cannot believe i'm thankful for sundays. i never thought i'd see the day. i'm still hesitant to be thankful for them, but today was such a good one, i cannot resist. i used to hate sundays...like truly dread how alone i would feel. that's recently changed. i now want to shout from the rooftops, "bring on the sundays!" i don't know why except that it's like i'm looking fear in the face. someone i admire at lulu told me once that sundays were such a gift and were her favorite day...i'm striving to be more like that. does that sound ridiculous that my biggest fear is sundays? makes me think of that quote by eleanor roosevelt that my mom gave me once to put up in my room: "We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot do. " okay, dear eleanor, i'll try.
2. being a tourist in my own city.
filbert steps, coit tower, lombard street. this city is beyond beautiful and i'm going to explore it and appreciate it's beauty every chance i get. i love seeing buildings and structures from new angles.
3. my travel buddies.
i admire people with a sense of adventure - who just want to get up and go. and keep going and going and walking and talking and climbing. sb adventures have turned into sf adventures. i'm going to be honest, the fact that they lived in san francisco before me made me that much more excited to be here and embrace it. i admire them - my little margo and dre.
4. superbowl sunday parties.
i must admit i've had rather interesting superbowl sundays in my day. one of which goes down as one of the best moments in my college career. it consisted of sunshine, canoes, ocean, sunsets, peace pipes, 3 best friends, laughter and woodstocks. today's party was a little different, but included old friends/acquaintances, a really great stoop, fire pixies (haha), and football.
5. dinner with friends.
i basically walked into pacific catch heaven. that's something to be thankful for in and of itself. this location is 10 times the loving hole-in-the-wall on chestnut. the only thing this one is missing is "russell from pacific catch." this dinner was filled with good food, obviously, but more importantly great conversation after a long day/weekend. it's so fun to be in delirium-mode playing "the favorite game." "favorite color muni pass, favorite moment in college, favorite year in college, favorite month..." it's never-ending and, yes, the favorite game is my favorite dinnertime game:)


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