january 31st

Monday, February 2, 2009

1. "let's walk the rez."
this is the perfect 2.73 mile loop. absolutely perfect. it captures so many things i love...babies, runners, dogs, couples pushing strollers, young moms gabbing, sunshine, water, green hills, & endorphins.
2. target runs.
i spent $116. on what, gina? just kept throwing things in. like i need new big sunglasses and a butterfly scarf and a flower clip for my hair. yes, i definitely need them. mom talked me out of the hat and the earrings that would infect my ears. thank you.
3. perfectly groomed brows.
this is such an art form. i'm happy to have my face a little more artistic now.
4. anticipation.
there's nothing like looking forward to a fabulous party. the night is young.
5. good company.
i love when so many people you love are in the same place at once. tonight's birthday party for my 3 beautiful girlfriends made me grateful for all the true connections and relationships i have in my life.


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