february 19th

Thursday, February 19, 2009

1. longing.
not a bad longing, but the longing for a place that holds such a special place in your mind. for now i have to live through ame and remember my days at the daily grind on thursday afternoons. such a therapeutic thought.
g: what's the scene???
a: ok it's fabulous
a: me and allie are inside
g: tell me everything
g: weather, etc.
a: about 5 people in line
g: people watching
g: guys calling out the names
a: whole bunch outside
a: it's sunny
a: guy just called for someones order
g: ha
a: woman in pink next to me eating a salad
a: i got a large iced chai
g: oh good choice
a: 3 other people on their laptops
g: do they have any low fat rapsberry oat muffins?
g: they are THE BEST
a: hahaha
a: i didn't look but i can
a: ok are u ready for ur horoscope
2 hours later...
a: gean
a: ur going to die ready
a: love save the empty is playing right now
2. horoscopes.
(specifically from the santa barbara independent . he's genius).
libra: evolution has given the human body a profound capacity to cure itself with its own resources, writes roger jahnke in his book the healer within. and yes most of us neglect to call on this inner reserve of natural medicine, looking mostly to drugs and doctors for the miracles we long for. whether or not you read jahnke's book, i hope you will deepen your relationship with your inner healer in the coming weeks. it's prime time to take a more active role in shaping your well being.
...i will be focusing on my health:)
3. dooce.com
she never fails to make me laugh. i'll just paste a little snippet from her "about me" section. maybe you'll heart this ex-mormon as much as i do. when i need to take my mind off work her wit and sarcasm always save me. i'm fascinated with mormons and even more so with ex-mormons.
"I grew up in a small suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, and graduated valedictorian of Bartlett High School in 1993. The reason I am telling you about the valedictorian part is because being able to say, "I was the valedictorian" is the only privilege I ever got in life from achieving that goal. No one ever hired me because I was valedictorian. The lesson to be learned from this is: AIM LOW. Save yourself the time.
My parents raised me Mormon, and I grew up believing that the Mormon Church was true. In fact, I never had a cup of coffee until I was 23 years old. I had pre-marital sex for the first time at age 22, but BY GOD I waited an extra year for the coffee. There had better be a special place in heaven for me.
I attended BYU from 1993-1997 and graduated with a degree in English. I firmly believe that BYU is the most horrible place on Earth, worse even than Disneyland. The one skill I learned in college that serves me well now is not how to solve differential equations or how to write a paper deconstructing The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, it's how to distrust organized religion. I am no longer a practicing Mormon or someone who believes that Rush Limbaugh speaks to God. My family is understandably disappointed."
...that's only a little taste.
4. lunch on the pier in the sun.
i realize i'm thankful for this a lot, but today it was a life saver. veggie wrap, vitamin d, bay bridge, kombucha, great conversation. i needed this so bad.
5. straws.
so simple and yet so useful. i really stay better hydrated. thank gosh for them.


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