Thursday, July 28, 2011

so, can i ask you a teeny tiny itty bitty little favor?

{eeeek! how selfish of me}.

i know you'll do this one thing for me, i just know it, my sweets.

just one simple word.


can you maybe leave one...drop me a line...a thought...anything...are you out there...?

don't be shy. we all know we're far beyond shy, dolls, as i am constantly divulging my secrets to you daily.

you can also send me a personal note...
embraceithappening at gmail dot com.

oh, you don't have to. i'm just encouraging you, of course. i'll still love you no matter what.

oh boy, it would mean a whole lot.

*found here.


  1. C ourse I'm going to comment.
    O bviously I'm shaking my head saying "I know."
    M ight be Elks rubbing off but I like Chardonnay.
    M y quinoa is always soggy. :(
    E lks!
    N ot going to lie this is fun.
    T otal enery soul good om yoga shhht shhht.


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