Tuesday, July 19, 2011

have you stopped in to visit ms. souled yet? if not, you're in for a real treat.

she is the sweetest. a self-proclaimed barefoot dreamer. i envy her hippie-chic ways. more so, i envy her true gift with words. they always leave you wanting more.

when i first discovered her treasure of a blog {most likely while i was a little lost and wandering in blogland}, i knew it was love at first sight.

...soul just might be my most favorite word in the english language.

i had a mini revelation about this very special word. soul reminds me of the word soil.

and, if you think about it, without soil, a tree is unable to grow.

{stick with me here}.

within the nourishing soil, the roots of a tree deeply reside. without these roots, the tree is not able to ground itself into the earth and stand tall.

do you know one of the ways i know a good soul when i see one?

that person has roots grounded deep within the soil and stands tall and proud.

epiphany! feels so good to make this connection.

*i broke down and confessed a thing or two to ms. souled. thank you for letting me borrow your pins. how am i ever to repay you?


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