Thursday, July 21, 2011

i'm about to share something from the very deepest part of my heart, okay? i know you won't judge me because you're just that special.

so, here's to a little cheers to vulnerability!

do you ever have the feeling you've known who you wanted to be all along?

let me explain.

a few years ago i wrote this goal chart.

i remember being on my bedroom floor in my first apartment in the city. i think it was late one night when i whipped out my box of crayons {crayons are so underrated, don't you agree?} and stole an extra-long piece of paper from the printer at work. pointless details, i know.

the funny thing is, i've always envisioned myself the same. happy and free from anxiety. me, at the center of my own life, grounded, with an open heart living richly and fully. all i ever really wanted was a strong, sturdy foundation. and i found it within myself.

there i am {stick figure, mind you} sitting in lotus pose reaching up to the suns that hold a goal inside each circle of orange, radiant light. because, each achieved goal is just that. a little accomplishment that adds light to your life.

i envision a ladder as the mode of traveling to each sun. climb high, take one rung at a time. step by step. we're all doing our best.

some burning suns i've accomplished and some i haven't quite yet. but the best part is, i've always known who i want to be and what i want to achieve. the essence of my being is constant. i think that's how it is with most of us.

i believe the sun that aligns the most with the birth of this blog is, "write an anna quindlen book someday." have you ever read one?

oh, you must! she is where i began my love affair with kind, simple words. little "life epiphany" talk, if you will.

well, i realized that it's all happening is my version of an anna quindlen book.

this pleases me to the core. who would have thought!?
when you envision what you want out of your life, it comes true. i promise.

my most favorite untouched sun reads...a healthy relationship. love. romance. connection. open myself up and release inhibition.

as silly as that sounds, i love it. never have i ever felt so ready.

i hope this can inspire you to voice and embrace something you're ready for, my dears. there's no fear in it. it's actually quite liberating.

nothing but love. the best is yet to come.

*being alive found here.


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