Tuesday, March 20, 2012

let's play a little game called what's in my bag? you know, like they do in us weekly {yup, i'm content-stealing}.

things i absolutely never leave home without...

my phone, obviously. 

that darn day planner. i find myself so attached to it, anxiety ensues if i forget to stash it in my purse. you never know when you might need to put something on the books! call me old-fashioned, but i prefer paper to devices. 

coral hobo wallet. technically, it's a clutch, but it really does make for a great holder of cards, checkbooks, and every frozen yogurt and coffee punch-card imaginable. 

my pen, a souvenir from maui. always, always carry a writing utensil! you never know when you'll need to jot down a few ideas or add a few things to your grocery list. if i don't scribble it down in that very moment, i kick myself later because i can't remember the thought for the life of me.

headphones. primarily to listen to sarah and vinnie on the radio dot com app on walks to work.

work badge. we run tight security.

ginger candies are always a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth and even soothe an upset tummy.

usb drive... you know, in case we need to transfer any files.

advil for any aches.

keys for entering and exiting.

muni pass. always stored in the side pocket for easy access. speaking of, it's time to re-load that bus fair.

my new favorite benefit lipstain. who needs lipstick when you can stain for long lasting color?

and finally, a hair claw to tame the sometimes out of control mane. 
see how full this thing can get? can'

now tell me, dolls, what's in your bag? 


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