so long.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

confession time {and an embarrassing one at that}. so, i don't watch tv. like ever. it happened when i picked up blogging, and started living on my own. there just aren't enough hours in the day. but, see, i do watch this one show. one hour per week. one tree hill. {oh, tell me you're a fan, too!}

i discovered it the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college, and literally spent three days straight watching the first two seasons. would. not. go. to. bed... just. one. more. episode...

addicted. has that every happened to you?

anyhow, i've seen every episode since. never missed a single one.

while this might seem quite silly, in honor of their ninth and final season that concludes next wednesday, i feel inclined to give one tree hill a shout-out of gratitude. i've been with this crew forever, routing on each and every one of them.

it's the end of an era, i'll miss you dearly.

{may this inspire you to reflect on your favorite tv show and remember your younger self who just began watching. that's what makes a series so great. you grow right along with the characters}. xo


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