i thought i'd never run again.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

on the morning of october fifteenth i sobbed in a pair of open arms, convinced i'd never be able to take another step again without life-altering pain. all i knew is that i wanted it so badly to go away, but was completely hopeless that it ever would. in that moment and in the months to follow, running again seemed completely impossible and out of the question.

then on december twenty fourth i was able to put one in front of the other and i don't mean at a slow walking pace, ladies and gents, it was a full on {minimally painful} JOG {a slow, mindful one}!

we have a christmas miracle on our hands! 

these past several months have been an incredible learning experience. mostly i learned to slow down and to take care of myself. after an mri revealed on november thirtieth that i have a stress fracture in my sacrum i was seven weeks into the three month healing process. and, i couldn't help but look at the symbolism that i cracked the root of my body while basically on the brink of uprooting myself to a new city. life is funny that way {louise haye gets it}.

anyhow, this christmas i am so grateful for two healthy legs who still got me around while i healed. and although i'm not done with the healing process or tests that may get to the bottom of what caused this injury, i know that my body will continue to put itself back together. and for this, i am truly grateful.


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