just right.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

this weekend was positively perfect. do you ever have one of those? completely unplanned. every move in the direction that feels just right. well, just right for me started with an acupuncture appointment that helped kick a cold to the curb {more on my feelings on acupuncture at a later date} followed by a cozy, rainy night in and ten hours of sleep. the next two days of just right were filled with...

getting to spend much needed quality time with some of my bests.

a first-time experience at craftsman & wolves in the mish {a must-go!}.

cost plus holiday décor inspiration.

a leisurely whole foods run.

curled up with a brand new book in my reading nook while being devoured by rain.

another night in with a bff, kale salad, and some wedding mags.

my first yoga class in ten days.

a mani pedi date.

energy work.

a sunday night iloveyoulikefamily friends dinner.

weekends like these are my most favorite of all. and saturdays, oh, nothing beats the feeling of a saturday afternoon at your fingertips. i am oh-so-grateful for weekends like these.

*photo on my pin board.


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