oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.

Monday, December 24, 2012

so, remember my whole thing on creating traditions? well, i must admit, i am slipping when it comes to christmas this year. especially compared to last december {oh i was so proud of my very first tree!} 

we all know i do a mean valentine's day. and i was on a roll for fall - the most glorious time of year. between my birthday, halloween, and even thanksgiving, there was a constant stream of décor and pumpkin-scented candles.

once december rolled around and the busyness of the holidays kicked in, i lost my decorating streak, but i had to create a small christmas tradition at the very least. {we don't want any scrooges running around this joint!}

meet joy. she sits on the entry-way table upon entering my pad and i got her at none other than trader joes. four london-themed ornaments hang on her surprisingly strong, healthy branches {a passport, telephone booth, taxi cab, and double-decker bus if you can spy them}. i smile every time i see her and am reminded of my amazing time in london. a big thank you for this sweet hostess gift!

i hope your humble abodes are more festive than mine this year, sweets. and i sincerely hope you are honoring those sacred christmas traditions of yours like gingerbread houses and new jammies and the annual viewing of a christmas story. my family seems to be breaking a few this year, like crab on christmas eve and lights strung on the house. but, for some reason it feels okay. i think sometimes we need to start fresh. to start over, really, and embrace the non-conventional. i am learning that the important ones stay true no matter what, like santa's visit and stockings and unconditionally loving each other a little more than usual.

wishing you a very merry christmas full of love and good cheer.

ps. for a sweet post on traditions and a reminder that there are thousands to create on your own read here. all i know is the older i get the more i put into my bag of traditions for a future family of my very own.


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