Monday, December 10, 2012

i've always wanted to do a fresh juice cleanse. the summer after i graduated college i did a cleanse called isagenix and, honestly, it was awful. out of the nine-day total program, there are four juice only days that are nothing short of disgusting. apparently this said juice is vitamin-packed, but honestly it tastes like artificial sugar water to me.

anyhow, it's time for the real deal. meet the thrive cleanse. i'd heard a bit of buzz about this particular one so i thought i'd give it a whirl...

it's only day one, but so far so good. the juices are unpasteurized, organic, cold-pressed and delicious! and they are delivered right to your door. i mean, who's not a stickler for such convenience!?

my favorite part is the positive mantras on each juice. i have to share...

green dream
your balanced energy provides a sense of calmnes to those around you. you are energized when giving back to others as it enriches your soul.
the role of peacemaker not only comes easy but is fulfilling.

your highly imaginative energy is magnetic! your sense of humor is fueled by your bright ming and spontaneous nature.

you are inspirational and in touch with your surroundings. people love to be around you because you make them feel important.

{no affirmation - this seems to the fresh lemon and cayenne pepper concoction} 

tropical greens
you are highly imaginative, fueled by your bright mine, sense of humor and spontaneous nature. but beware, you tend to shun responsibility for fun, which isn't always a bad thing. so drink up and be you.

cozy cashew
your strong sense of values will allow you to change the world. both admired and loved as a friend, you must learn to embrace both yourself and your accomplishments.

i can just imagine the two gals who created this cleanse writing these positive affirmations in their journals and then putting them on their bottles... something i would do! 

happy cleansing! 

ps. remember when i did this


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