Wednesday, January 9, 2013

so i wrote this bucket list {see here & here} not too long ago and, boy, does it seem like it's becoming a mad race to the finish line {february second, by the way}. actually, no, i take that back. not too mad. more like a game i kind of wish i had been playing all along.

i am in absolute awe of how many takers i have willing to participate in this bucketlistgame with me. if this was the game of life, my car would be squeezed full with pink and blue heads. they'd have to double buckle! i'd even want to put in a special request for a super stretch limo. but you know what they say? the more the merrier. and, i am so incredibly content merrymaking my way through san francisco. and see, that's the lesson in the bucketlist. the one i want to stick with me {and all of us} forever as we open new chapters, start new years, and, well, wake up every morning.

life is too short not to merrymake. find people who you love doing it with and who love doing it with you. the ones who should be by your side, will be. it's that simple. don't worry about the rest.

so, dear lovely red-lipstick wearing and martini-drinking ladies,

thank you for accompanying me on a night out on the town at bix. it's official, we can do this now: martini's and dinner at bix {can you tell i love the strike out!?}. and i have you to thank for it. thank you for pretending we were in an alleyway in paris. for the gabbing over cocktails {of course i got the manhattan!}. for indulging in history lessons from stuey. for sharing bites of your truffle burger. and, most of all for loving me. somehow i got lucky enough to have you three as guardian angels. each protecting me in her own unique way.

i do not say this lightly. i say it with full, genuine intention... what would i do without you?

all my love,
geenz, sweetie, puddin'


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