Thursday, January 10, 2013

i used to be completely and utterly obsessed with yoga. key word here: used to. and it breaks my heart to write that. it really does. i would skip engagements to make it to class. i would force myself to wake up in the early morning hours to hear my favorite quote from cara. i would plan my vacation schedule around retreats. i would rush home from work to make it to anna. i would dabble in other studios to get in more and more and more yoga and yoga and yoga. all.the.time.

and you know what? i don't regret one single second of it. because it made me who i am today, and it allowed me to know some of the most amazingly inspiring people i have ever met. extensive hours practicing was what i needed at the time as it fulfilled some sort of deep hunger i so badly needed to satiate. yoga helped me to create space for me to exist and for others to exist with me. lately, though, i'm realizing what is so perfectly beautiful about yoga, is that it's always there. no matter how you want to connect with it, no matter how much or how little you need it, it's there.

i had a plan to get certified as a teacher in twenty thirteen. it was the natural next step and seemed obvious in my eyes. i had already mentally forked over the money and i was prepared to make ends meet.

then i got injured. and i cracked the root of my body. and i decided to uproot myself to new york {oddly enough, none of which would have happened without the other}.

and now, {sigh}. now is this whole other yoga experience that is oh so very different and oh so very new. i find myself barely making it through class. maybe stopping in once a week. maybe not. i still love it just the same, but it does not resonate with my body the way that it used to. i don't desperately need it as i once did. for now.

things are a-shiftin' in this big 'ol universe, friends. my yoga practice tells me so. the lesson here is moderation. just like all things in life we need balance. funny how i learned to find balance through the actual physical act of balancing itself.

oh yoga, there will be everchanging forms of you. new practices. new studios. new teachers. new commitments. i am grateful for our continually evolving relationship. namaste.

ps. so tell me, what is your yoga practice telling you?

*photo credit: lbophotos


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