love letter to san francisco.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

not too long ago there was an email exchange with my very talented friend lisa. it started something like this...

can i hire you to do a photo shoot on it's all happening?

and then i found out i was moving for sure and it turned into a happy memory shoot caught on video about all of the places i heart {literally} in san francisco... the ones that have been important to me over the past five years. we'll call them heartmarks {aka landmarks}.

we planned in advance to shoot on a saturday afternoon, and even had a very important early morning business meeting to sketch out our ideas like actual creative bloggers. it felt like the real deal!

so, i can't wait any longer to share this video with you, my beloved readers. without further ado, here it is in all of it's glory...

you can find my written love letter to san francisco here, but, see, in this post i really just want to thank lisa. we are so different, and yet, inherently so so similar. those are the most interesting and unique kinds of friendships, don't you think? i feel obligated to share an email written to her from her own dad upon sending him her latest work: the love letter to san francisco video...
this is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!! probably the best work you have ever done. it captures the theme, mood, joy, and excitement with superb photographic background and soulful music. this video should serve as ample proof and demonstration of your ingenuity and creativity. keep it as a reference model - it shouts out professionalism. it's unbelievable that you did this by yourself. i would guess that another shop would charge $5,000 for this kind of work and probably use a lot of clip art. no doubt in my mind that you're destined for some aspect of film/video making. i would like to see you pursue this path. look up some schools - i'll pay the tuition.
lots of love and admiration,
you can't beat the words of a proud father. is it just me, or does this note bring you to tears? it so perfectly sums up lisa's talent and selfless nature. i am beyond grateful that our careers brought us together on this so-called life path. lis, you choose your friends wisely, this i know for sure, and i am so lucky that you put your kind energy and attention into me. i can't thank you enough for this brilliant work of art you've created that i will absolutely cherish forever and ever. thank you for being brave enough for all of us and pursuing your own creative path, and for continuing to inspire me to push my creative limits {no idea is a bad idea, right?}. the world doesn't know what it's in for yet, lis. you've only scratched the surface of sharing your greatness with the world. please remember, no matter where life takes us, i will always be one of your biggest fans.

all my love and {like your daddio} admiration,


ps. see more of lisa's videos here.


  1. Hi darling!
    You have a really nice blog, what do you think about follow each other?

    I'm waiting for you :)


  2. Gina. Whoa. (and Lisa, too!) What an incredible incredible incredible piece of art to have. And a great reminder that San Francisco will always be here for you (us) - and in it, the people you love!

  3. !!!!!! This is by far one of my favorite projects I've worked on and you are hysterical to work with. You brought your ideas, energy, and excitement to the table and making this makes me want to do more, make more and appreciate more. NYC is in for a real treat with your arrival, I just hope they have enough bananas.

  4. This is amazing!! You are so talented and creative! Love your blog as well! I am your newest follower! yay! :)

  5. You rockstar! Really. rocks my socks off.


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