wakeup call.

Friday, October 19, 2012

i've been a bit absent here this month, my sweets. truth be told, i'm experiencing a bit of an injury that's occupied a large amount of my energy, leaving hardly a drop for creativity and good words and epiphanies that life is beautiful and all that jazz. i won't lie to you, it's been tough, but i think it's the universe teaching me an important lesson about my lifestyle choices as of late.

i pushed myself too hard, living in a world of too much and not enough {and not a good world at that}. i've been out having too much fun and if we're going to be real here, too much food, too much drink, and all the while counter-balancing it with too much exercise and not enough rest or relaxation. it's a lifestyle i cannot maintain, a pattern i desperately need to break, and my body finally gave out.

see, us libras, we strive for balance and i got lost on one side of that scale. as a result the muscles in my left hip, glute, and lower-back just decided to stop working properly. they clenched up real tight -especially when i decided to keep running through their red flags and hazard lights - making it nearly impossible for me to walk {my therapy!}. quite honestly, they're pissed at me, and i don't blame them.

but i truly hope we can make amends because, dear muscles, i need you. and you need me. we're a team. we keep this body moving and grooving. i'm sorry i tired you out and mistreated you. i promise if you are good to me again i won't abuse you. i'll treat you with every last ounce of love and care god gave us.


and p.s. according to you can heal your life, hip injuries are tied to the fear of going forward in major decisions. hmm... i wonder what that could be? i do have a few things up my sleeve to be discussed at a later date. here's our affirmation: i am in perfect balance. i move forward in life with ease and with joy at every age. 



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