apartment 24.

Monday, October 1, 2012

i thought i'd take you on a little tour of my humble abode. over the past {almost} three years, i've put a lot of heart {literally} and even more soul into my space, so it's time i share my haven with you {as vulnerable as it makes me feel}. i think it's oh-so-important to make our home sweet homes our sanctuaries. spaces that make us thrive and offer nothing but refuge.

oh, welcome. so nice of you to drop by.

come on in.

make yourself right at home.

need a nap?

or feel free to put your feet up and take in the view.

if you need a snack you can help yourself.

or how about you stay for dinner?

feel free to use the restroom.

and don't miss some of my favorite details like roses and hearts and g's and lucky number fives...

thanks for stopping by! come back any time.

xoxo, g.


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