this too shall pass.

Friday, October 26, 2012

apologies, loves, for the verbose post that is to follow. oh, wordy.

to be honest, an injury is the last thing i expected. it's been a total of three weeks and what a wild and emotional roller coaster it's been. i learned a few things along the way {and still am since i'm just one big work in progress} and i thought i'd share them with you.

i learned that it's okay to give in to every emotion you might be feeling and acknowledge it with the energy you have left. for me, it was the fear that this injury was never going to get better. the fear that i couldn't walk or run again. the overwhelming anxiety that i wouldn't get to go on a trip of a lifetime. could i live like this? i thought to myself. when my answer was no i hit panic mode. see, dearests, when the pain is much bigger than us we just have to surrender to it and take care of ourselves in that moment as best we can.

i learned it's okay to be sad, frustrated, upset, and even uncontrollably sob into someones arms because you are so hurt and don't believe it's ever going to go away. you feel defeated. let that person reassure you that it will get better. i promise,  sweet darling, it will.

this too shall pass.  a mantra i learned never to forget.

i learned to attack from all angles. all hands on deck. sometimes you don't know where to start to get help so you go with your gut or a recommendation and you know what? that might not be the right thing for you. it's okay to try as many treatments and visit as many specialists as you need to. they are creating the recipe that will get you better. if one isn't working for you, stop. move onto the next.

personally, i've learned that acupuncture is helpful beyond ways than i thought possible. i am only two sessions in but i can see how it evokes paths to clear health and calming powers in our bodies.

find a good chiropractor. and find a good PT who calls you kid and who warns you that you might cry and wince in pain {i only shed a tear as i gripped to the table and succumbed to the releasing of the muscles}.

i learned that epsom salt baths are a must. sit in that tub. soak it in. clear out the impurities and the inflammation.

sit on lacrosse balls. do the stretches and exercises you're told to do. unfortunately i learned that sometimes turning to a prescription is the only thing that is going to cause immediate relief. if that's the case, i say do it. i also learned the ways of homeopathic medicine like arnica and trammel which should be taken in addition to something stronger.

i learned that i miss yoga and i miss running, but not as bad as i thought i would. funnily enough, there are more hours in the day now so maybe this break has been a blessing in disguise. it turned my rigid routine world right upside down, if you will. and i guess we all need that at some point in our lives. i know when i get back into exercise {which is a work in progress as even a small jog motion leads to discomfort} i'm going to be approaching it differently. listening to my body. what does it need? and not pushing myself beyond what i can handle out of guilt or for any unhealthy reasons. know your limits. you should be your own motivator of exercise, no one else. the body is a temple, treat it that way. everything in moderation, oh so true.

while i'm still recovering, i am so grateful to be better than i was three weeks ago.

and loves, if you ever need any help on injuries, please reach out to me i'd be more than happy to be the person you cry to. i'll tell you it's going to get better, i promise, sweet darling.

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