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Saturday, October 27, 2012

i sat down in 38h and this is what i said to myself.

i booked this trip on august 17th. it was a saturday evening and i was home at my parents house. i'm not sure why this detail is relevant to me, but it just seems important that that was the exact moment i decided to hit purchase. 

first and foremost i feel incredibly grateful for this opportunity. two conversations turned into two real ideas turned into two solid plans in two destinations.

traveling solo is a bit scary, yet freeing, wouldn't you agree? i don't know what i am about to encounter along the way, but i vow to have an open heart. to be kind. to accept how people treat me and to do my best to treat them kindly.

i vow not to get to nervous or let any travel anxiety take over my mind. i am alive. i am human. i am in this space. and i will occupy it. and be my best self. the self that is a joyous dancer who really isn't afraid of anything.

i hope to see a whole lot of new things. meet a whole lot of new people. to go home a happier, more well-rounded person. full of inspiration and ideas of what i want to come. what i want out of life. new perspectives that positively impact my life in san francisco. i've been craving some clarity lately. craving newness. craving something. a move. a change. well, i hope to find it here. and if i don't i'll come home knowing that that's okay too.

remember, life is beautiful. people are good. be open. soak it all in.



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