lucky saturday.

Monday, February 27, 2012

so, hypothetically speaking here, if you asked me to close my eyes, click my heels together, and wish to be in any moment, it'd always be a saturday between the hours of eleven a.m. and four p.m.

{it's when i am at my happiest}.

the morning would have been filled with yoga and friends and a delicious orange. the sun is shining. it's time to go on an adventure.

no matter where i was in all the world, i'd choose this time of the week. agenda-less. just the rest of the whole, entire afternoon ahead of us.

i realized that some of my best memories in san francisco happen in this window of time. there's an effortless, free-spirited, comfort that happens in which it's beyond easy to just enjoy life. to soak it in. be my blank canvas and i'll bring more colors and brushes than you could possibly imagine.

one particular favorite adventure happens to be the farmer's market at the classic ferry building. coffee. good company. brunch. flowers. fruit samples. fresh air. walks. freedom. people watching. music. love.

how lucky to be alive saturday afternoons make me feel. may you find your absolute luckiest time as well. xo.


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