Sunday, February 5, 2012

i decided this week that a positive spirit is one of the most redeeming qualities a human being can have. i think i've known this all along, but lessons learned as of late have brought me to this new found conclusion.

and, that's why i'm thinking twice about your spirit. and mine.

this quote comes to mind. spotted on one of my quotable calendars from years ago.

it occurred to me mid yoga pose {of course} on saturday morning {my absolute favorite time of the week}. it was likely during high lunge, arms up, pinky fingers in, palms facing the back wall. something about this gesture really makes you want to reach for something more.

to dig a little deeper.

to offer it all away.

i think at that moment anna reminded me of the word spirit.  

don't just do it, do it with a positive spirit, she said.

because no one likes holding a pose that long. legs burning, heart pounding. but, in that moment if we make a conscious effort to change our attitudes and find our inner spirit, things just might calm down a little bit.

this applies to life, too {are you seeing the parallel?}. we will cross many-a-difficult situation in our lifetimes {just like a burning high lunge} and if we learn to consciously shift our minds to look on the bright side, to channel our deepest and sincerest good spirits, we'll get through it. life becomes a little bit sweeter.

rusty said something similar today. it was about embodying a beginner's spirit. it is wise to approach every new situation, every new relationship with an open heart, as a beginner because this ensures that we don't set ourselves up to fail. every relationship is new. we don't know what works for us and what doesn't work for us until we cross that bridge. figure it out as you go along... that's the beauty of beginnings. open hearts, my sweethearts, to let the potential for something really really good to enter our lives.

in essence, we control our outlooks on life. may we approach it with a positive spirit, always.

i will if you will. let's do it together. ready, go. namaste.

{found here and here}.


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