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Sunday, February 12, 2012

it's pretty apparent that valentine's day is my favorite holiday. any excuse to celebrate love, right?

i'm not entirely sure how i developed this notable obsession seeing as though i've never had an exclusive be-mine-because-you're-already-mine-valentine-kind-of-thing. maybe it's the hoping that gets me.

i also enjoy the deeper meaning behind what could just be another ordinary day in february. instead, it serves as an annual reminder to make us think for an extra second about our favorites that we love so much.

so, most appropriately {starting last year}, i decided to host an annual valentine's day soirée.

the first year upon entering my home sweet home, guests had to fill out a card which was then attached to a hanging heart. it read, i love you more than _______. inspiration from a website i was once entranced by, and also this tote bag.

i got some fun "_______ 's" that were left hanging long after the fourteenth. 

this year's more intimate gathering didn't include a special craft, just an impromptu game that always spices up the evening with some extra laughter. i had to document the scene because it's one of my favorite in all the world.

it may not look special, but i feel so lucky to have so many of my bests gathered around my "living room." how blessed i am to have them all as sweet valentines. 

extra hugs and kisses to you this week!


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