slow dance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i know! i know! what you're thinking. another song, really?

oh, but this one... this one will get you at your core. it'll make you want to close your eyes and slow dance forever and ever with the one you heart the most. you'll want it to be late one night, after a bottle of wine, circling the living room. just the two of you. hand in hand. chest to chest. cheek to ear.

this song will make you want to be in that very moment when you realize that just maybe - just maybe - you don't need anyone else in the whole wide world to make you as happy as this person does.

this is it you think to yourself. the one i could play and adventure with for the rest of eternity. be my partner in crime, won't you?

i surrender myself to your presence and peace of mind.

heard in shavasana on this fine eve.


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