through the airwaves.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

i talked to my best for nearly an hour today. it was one of those conversations about everything, but also nothing really {the best kind} like babies, probiotics, jessica biel, chlorophyll, and...

ray lamontagne.

his new song, airwaves. have you heard it? just as she suspected, i. can't. stop. listening.

i'm maybe on play number fifteen in a matter of hours. don't you love when that happens? the song infatuation phenomenon. it doesn't happen to me much anymore, so i'm going to ride this one out, really milk it for all that it's worth.

and stace, i miss you so much. our chats {although slightly less frequent than the old days} nourish my soul. they make me feel happy and human and connected and like there's nothing better in this great big world than true friendship. i will never ever take them for granted. love you. sending you good energy through the airwaves, sister. xoxo.


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