september 8th

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

september? where did you come from?

1. my sweet god daughter, priscilla.
she runs around with the carefree spunky spirit we all should strive to have. i'm so thankful to be welcome on harwood court on a tuesday evening.

2. tutti text string.
"what happened to tutti?"
"tutti far?"
"damn i'm funny"
"my stomach is more used to tutti than haagen dazs."
"tutti much"
"you're tutti'ing me...tutti much gas."

it's the little things, aud. i love you.

3. cold air when you sleep.
i have this system. when it's not too windy, the front window open. when the weather does not cooperate the side one it is. all curled up in my fleece blanket.

4. catch up sesh.
sometimes i don't see margo for a week. then we catch up. and things are complete again.

5. cara's class.
m,w,f. 6am. early, but worth it. she rocks. and so does her music.


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