slow pony home.

Monday, January 17, 2011

i miss my daily posts.
i got speakers at my desk today. this makes me incredibly happy. i rescued a set from a former my-spacer. the weepies came on my pandora which made me think of the past three years and my relationship with a desk job. anyhow, lyrics below.

it's the second september i have known you
four years or so ago, i rode a pony, called him "truth"
we didn't know the way so it took us till today to get here

and all that time, i felt just fine
i held so many people in my suitcase heart
that i had to let the whole thing go
it was taken by the wind and snow
and i still didn't know that i was waiting
for a girl on a slow pony home

i can remember when i first saw you
you said in my photograph I looked more far away
i laughed and smiled and didn't say "i am a bit afraid to be here."

setting free the anchor and looking past the shore
it's a sea of horses on ships with no sails, no motors, no oars

now we're cleaning the windows between us two
funny, you do it once, and then again, and pretty soon
the fingerprints and dust...
but i've begun to trust the view here.


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