caitlin and vix.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

we used to think we were models.

the hours spent dressing up... hair and makeup, outfit changes, overalls, matching lavender j.crew flip flops and bathing suits. these were our biggest worries. and boys. we had secret code names for just about every one of them.

i'm so thankful for kate.

we've been friends since the awkward teenage years, the best years. when school dances are the events of the season. when driving the red mercedes without a license around the block {or to longs drugs store... once! shhh!} was the most rebellious thing we ever did. when many-a-friday night were spent making up routines to classics like who let the dogs out? see, big nerds.

some of the best kind of friends are the ones who know us as our most dorky selves. the ones that could fill up a book with memories and inside jokes. that's us.

love you to the moon,


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