santa clause is coming to town.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

so this mariah carey tune has become one of my all time faves this season. 

santa claus is coming to town, but a way cooler version. it's mariah'ed.

meet my sisters, my pseudo sissies. i'm the middle child, smack dab in the middle age wise. we tend to make up dance routines, lots of them. it started when we were little c.a.p.a dancers and just this past summer we really stepped up our game again.


make sure you give our latest a watch. it makes me smile so big and laugh out loud every play. i'd recommend blowing it up to full screen. just sayin'...

i hope it inspires you to dance like no one is watching this holiday season. 

so thankful for my sistergalpalsxoxo.


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