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Thursday, September 13, 2012

whenever i feel a bit stale in my writing, i remember what this blog is really about.


then nothing else seems to matter. the words flow, and i can reflect on all of the goodness that exists. gratitude garners words, and they are perfect just as they are.

there are several things that stand out to me in the past day or so to be thankful for. one is a moment on a typical post-work, pre-yoga walk to catch the bus when i stumbled upon three young gentleman serenading a hostess with their rendition of justin bieber, boyfriend. {oh, i would do anything to have captured it on video now!} the adorableness of that moment was so overwhelming and took me by such surprise, i could not wipe the smile from my face if i tried. i mean, how good is that chorus? and now i'm officially convinced it sounds way better as an acoustic guitar song. sorry, biebs.

the next is about kindred spirits. life has a funny way of putting them in our paths, wouldn't you agree? if you translate the term literally, it means a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings, or features with another. i think if nothing else in life, we must constantly strive to surround ourselves with those kindred souls whom we feel like we could talk to for hours... because it's just one thing after the next that is perfectly in-sync. we can measure our deepest friendships in the amounts of me toos, exactlys and i knows that are uttered in a single conversation. how oh-so-very comforting.

and finally, genuine acts of kindness... on the same day! how did i ever get so lucky? you know i am a sucker for philosophy grace and of course any form of snail mail.

the living grace philosophy reads: through cascades and waterfalls, still waters and breaking waves, the deeper we dive the more remarkable we become. and in the end, the one truth that rises to the top is that our tomorrows belong only to this day. the lesson we learn is to passionately express our daily moments with living grace and gratitude.

the fragrance is meant to inspire us to embrace the beauty of living in the present moment of each day. how fitting for it's all happening!

the smell reminds me of being young. in the best way possible. i cannot thank you enough!

*via here and, of course, my instagram.


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