one in, one out.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

i've decided that one of the best feelings in the world is de-cluttering your closet. i feel organized and in control, as every item has it's own special place. and color-coded, too! sounds similar to my feelings about keeping a day planner.

somehow putting things away becomes infinitely more manageable. in fact, it's a piece of cake and i now jump at the opportunity to put an item back where it came from, while before... oh wow did that pile grow oh-so-tall.

reassessing my wardrobe taught me that i really need to step up my fashion game. people peoplesomehow i got best dressed in high school. lordy, i do not feel like i am living up to the full potential of that superlative title anymore. 

moving forward, i am going to apply the lessons i learned from gretchen rubin's happiness project and try my absolute best to stick to the one in, one out policy. if i buy a new article of clothing, one that i do not wear has to come out of the 'ol closet.. great way to keep the clutter and the wallet in check. 

in the meantime, i am grateful for my closet space. it's nice to walk in and get comfy.

happy weekend, dolls, and happy closet purging!


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