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Sunday, May 5, 2013

can i tell you a secret?

why, yes, of course. it's what i seem to do best here, share secrets.

two of the things i absolutely want to do now that i live in new york {wow, that statement seems surreal}: write and dance.

actually, the secret really is that it just might subconsciously be part of the reason i moved to new york in the first place. to pursue writing and dancing and for my life to come full circle. while these are two hobbies one can pursue anywhere, somehow they feel very real in this city of possibility.

i had a best in town this weekend, and as i sat across the table from her discussing our own happenings in our very different phases of life, it dawned on me that the most spectacular part of mine at the moment is that i have no idea how it will turn out. and something about that fact excited me, and made me want to sit back and be a spectator as the adventure unfolds. life is an adventure if we make it one, now isn't it?

i currently have several tabs open in my browser, all of which are derived from google searches and my two secrets: grad programs for writing, editing, publishing, & journalism and best jazz dance class in nyc. 

oh and one other thing, i had three - count it, three - dreams about being in love this week. just sayin'.

and also, i really want a dog.

*photos on my be free pin board here & here.


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