homesick hour.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

i can confidently say that i moved to the gem of all neighborhood gems in nyc. irving street is a storybook street if i ever did see one, and i am grateful to be able to make it part of my daily routine. one of the most sacred parts of my day is the quiet sidewalks at dawn en route to equinox. and then again late at night on my way home looking north to see the chrysler building lit up in all of its art deco glory.

the tulips are blooming around these parts and same with the blossoms on the trees. spring, is that you? the weather is slowly but surely catching up and there certainly is something in the air. oh, new york spring, i'm excited to meet you. you sure are doing something right, because if this was california, the daffodils would have come and gone just in the month of february.

just wanted to share a few photos with you on this sunny saturday morning, yet to rise from under the covers. i find this particular time of the week to be prime homesick hour. these moments of stillness with nowhere to be. but today... today is okay. it must mean this place is starting to feel like home. i'm learning that we all have the ability to create our own homes, no matter where they are in the universe. all we need are a few keepsakes, a cozy bed, and a place to be happy to walk outside and explore. which is exactly what i'm going to do.

happy weekend everyone! 

xoxo, g


  1. Next up, send us pictures of that beautiful Equinox!

    xoxo my sweet. These adventures are the way that we begin to find home within ourselves more than within the confines of a specific place. You are well on your way!


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