Sunday, April 7, 2013

oh hey, it's me. the author of this blog. do you remember? i wouldn't blame you if you forgot.

finding the time to write is just about the hardest thing to do these days. i want it to be easy. oh, please be easy. i'll get there, i promise. it dawned on me this past week that writing down anything in this space gives my life meaning. so, i miss it. i miss finding the meaning of why i'm here. why i show up every day.

so here i am. selfishly writing to you to find some meaning. this weekend was a good one. can i tell you my favorite things?

i got my hair back to it's much preferred shade of blonde.
i caught up on the phone and facetime with so many loves {so many!} and it felt so good.
i found out that two of my favorite people {after eight lovely years} got engaged. yay!
i saw some people i've been wanting to see.
i slept on fresh new sheets.
i walked central park with an old friend, and then kept walking the long looooong way home.
i stopped into the new york public library.
i got a library card.
i checked out a dvd {new york, i love you if you were wondering}.
i sat in bryant park.
i drank fresh squeezed juice {mostly ginger, carrot, apple, and kale. again, if you happened to be wondering}.
i bought a much needed gym bag and, more importantly, it was my first lululemon purchase in over two years {now that's willpower!}.
i discovered a raw, vegan, gluten-free, organic hole-in-the-wall café a mere two blocks from my pad {like the perfect combination of natural cafe and the plant. and if you know me well enough you'll know it doesn't get much better than that}.
i also discovered a place for high tea... steps from my apartment {another hidden gem in the neighborhood}.
i did a candlelight yoga class.
i made quinoa.

and that, my friends, is my meaning.

so, find the little things that give your life meaning. and remember them, for all that they are worth.

ps. some ny public library photos


  1. How in the world have you gone 2 years without purchasing lululemon.
    congrats on the quinoa.
    and WHEN I come, we're going to have high tea every day.


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