hey, it's ok.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

you know that feature in glamour magazine called it's ok...? {oh, look, there's even a pinterest board dedicated to it. follow board. check.} well anyway, it's one of my all time fave monthly articles and i think of it often when i walk that fine line of an action being ok.

so, yesterday, i crossed it. and it's time to document.

hey, it's ok...

to be at a vip work dinner and see a j.crew item you just have to have from across the table and secretly whip out your phone to order it right then and there. 

always a sucker for x's and o's. thanks, j.crew! you know, your mobile experience could use a teensy bit of work. i'll a/b test for you. xoxo.

so tell me, what are your hey it's okay moments...?


  1. this article is the only reason I read Glamour. I find it hilarious and extremely comforting.
    Where I find myself now...It's okay to eat a regular meal, then look over at the cereal on the counter and decide you're going to have a bowl of that also.


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