Sunday, March 17, 2013

i've been hanging out by myself a lot lately. is that weird? for some reason it feels right for now, mostly while i get my bearings and kind of catch my breath after all of this change.

amidst the solo time, i watch felicity. it's usually on in the background while i put things away, hammer nails into the wall, and write a card or two. it's oddly comforting, and reminds me of college and how different i was when i watched it the first time around. however, the lessons still ring true. the ones about independence and dealing with whatever life throws your way.

i can't help but feel a bit like felicity as she navigates new york, and a new life chapter. there was a quote that rang oh so true about this city that i have to share, especially in light of alone time and our lovely it's-almost-spring-snow-fall this past weekend.

first of all, new york is the best.
thank god i decided to stay here.
at first it was sort of scary,
even walking down the sidewalk,
it was like being one snowflake in a crazy blizzard.
but then it occurred to me...
everyone is a snowflake.

and that is truly the most unique thing about this place. we are all leading our own separate, self-important lives, and yet we are all connected by our independence.

you might be thinking to yourself, is this a blog only about moving to new york? well, i guess right now it is, huh?

ps. have i ever told you if i wasn't blonde, i'd want to be a redhead?


  1. Alone time is the best. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  2. Well, you know how I feel about gingers...

    I'm so glad you are empowering yourself with alone time in that great big city. I have a feeling you will be ready for anything that comes your way because of it!


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