ten minutes.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

i've been tasked with a little project.

write ten minutes a day.

ten, that's all. not eleven. not eight. ten. creative, non-work, thought provoking writing. nothing has to come of it. just words. strung together. so, here's my attempt at those ten minutes. i have no idea what's about to come out. maybe not my best work, but i've got promises to keep.

in the scorching heat today, i had a thought on my walk to work. how many iced coffees must new york go through during the course of a summer? LOTS. oh if i could do a study on that one! then it dawned on me that i am one of those crazy new yorkers downing her venti iced coffee {in t-minus two minutes. but that's another story entirely}.

today on our usual nine forty five am starbucks run, it dawned on me how grateful i am for this little routine. the gals who work there call us the sex and the city girls. i can't quite figure out why, but i'm going to attribute it to this absurdly curly 'do i've got going on this summer {no time or patience or air conditioner strong enough for hairdryers}. i digress.  

anyhow, as long as i live, i want to remember these coffee runs. the mornings i got compared to carrie bradshaw. today i am grateful for new co-workers and the words it's on us today girls and just really nice strangers, but also not-so-strangers who have a unique and unattached way of brightening your day.

i think that's at least fifteen minutes now. ahhh it feels so good.


  1. Yes Gina! Post all your ten-minute challenges, please. Reading your writing is my favorite way to check-in with you. xoxoxo


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