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Saturday, July 20, 2013

i am in absolute awe.

a little saturday afternoon downtime lead me to stumble upon this video from a gem of a website, soulpancake. there are plenty of videos that will leave you inspired, but this one really hit home as it is the foundation of it's all happening. it will leave you in tears, no doubt, and prove the true power of how reflecting on what you are grateful for can increase your happiness level.

so, here's to being grateful, dolls. may you boost your feelings of happiness and contentment by remembering what you're grateful for.

ps. watch kids take on love, which reminded me of this little boy in love..

p.p.s. while browsing twitter today, i realized how many amazing brands there are doing amazing things in this niche lifestyle space. i want to create a platform where people can discover all of these unique businesses in specific categories. a platform for people to discover platforms, really. a brands doing cool things directory, perhaps?


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